Kullu: Challenge to choosing garbage dump site!

: The district administration and the city council Kullu have become a challenge to select garbage dump site. However, for this it had selected two sites in the Guma and Suma (Lag valley). But due to strong opposition from the locals, the administration, the city council, canceled it. After this, the City Council has now identified three new sites. This includes Mian Bheed of Pij Panchayat, Math of Sari-Kothi Panchayat and Shastri Nagar Naala of Kullu. The Municipal Council has demanded NOC for the above mentioned places from the concerned panchayats through BDO Kullu.

The protests being done by the local people about the Pirdi Garbage Dumping Plant have also become a headache for the administration and the city council. For this, the city council has had to knock the door twice to the Supreme Court. For the first time in October, the Supreme Court gave the city council four weeks time. But after the end of the period of time, the locals again raised the protest against the dumping of the Kullu city dump in Pirdi. Scouting the situation, the City Council had to return to the Supreme Court again and the Court gave eight weeks of respite to the city council. Please note that the trash was not dumped for three weeks in Pirdi Garbage Plant because of the Forest Rights Committee’s ‘dharna’ . In such a way, from ‘Bhuntar’ to ‘Ramshila’, the piles of dirt continued and the residents of the city had to face huge trouble. With about two hundred tonnes of garbage collected in the district headquarters, the administration and the city council had a great deal of poverty. In such a situation, the City Council had to knock on the door of the Supreme Court.

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Teja Singh Thakur, executive officer of the city council Kullu said that he is pursuing his process as per Supreme Court order. So far, five places were seen to dump the litter. In it, both the places seen in Gar/ha and Suma have been canceled due to local people’s opposition. Now NOC has asked for three new places.

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